A canopy is a roof like projection or shelter that can be used to enhance and beautify your home whilst giving you shelter from the rain and protection from the sun all year round. We have a range of different Canopies to choose from, see below for all the options.

Veranda Blackburn Lancashire Simplicity Alfresco


A Veranda is a roof like platform along the outside of a house that is level with the ground.

You can now keep your garden party going whatever the weather with one of our stunning Verandas. As well as their beautiful facade, doors can be added to make the area even more rain free and waterproof in case it’s cold too. With our clever colour matching service available, this structure will fit in perfectly with any domestic setting. So when the rain may have spoiled your party before, now it can’t as your guests enjoy the outside under your Veranda.


A pergola is a garden structure that can form a shaded walkway, passageway, or seating area using vertical posts or pillars and open air roof.

Our elegant and highly functional bioclimatic pergolas are designed to protect you from the sun during the hotter weather and shelter you from the rain giving you an all year round solution! This outdoor shade product can be freestanding or wall mounted and has a degree of resistance to strong wind. Each product is constructed to fit in with your needs ensuring you get exactly the shade and shelter you need.

Carport Lancashire Simplicity 16


A carport is a versatile and strong structure that is used to protect cars and other vehicles from rain and snow.

Carports are a valuable addition to any home and will protect your vehicles from the worst of the elements including rain and snow but also protect the vehicle from the sun’s damaging rays which can, over time, spoil the paintwork and fade the interior fabrics. They can be coloured to any RAL or BS colour to match and fit in with any domestic setting with an ornate upgrade being available too.

Glass Room Lancashire Simplicity Alfresco 2

Glass Rooms

A Glass Room is a structure, either attached or integrated into a home allowing enjoyment of the garden while being sheltered from all weathers.

Glass rooms are high quality, robust structures that fit in with all traditional and modern homes due to its versatility in design. This extremely versatile structure can be used for parties, social gatherings or just to simply add another room to the home without compromising the view of your garden. Colour matched to suit, what better way to enjoy the outside.

Awning Lancashire Pergolino


An Awning is a fabric structure attached to the exterior wall of a building creating shade and shelter around your home.

Our quality Awnings product range is ideal for creating shade and shelter for large or small outside areas around your home including terraces, balconies, patios and gardens. Our awnings are also perfect for any type of home; traditional or modern, and they will ensure that you and your visitors are comfortably protected from the worst of the weather while enjoying your garden space.

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